In our demanding chaotic world...
Imagine if you had 10 minutes every day to learn about yourself

Be Bold. Be Better. Every Day.

Chat to your new gamified AI assisted Advisor: Charlie.

Charlie helps you discover yourself, reflect on what truly matters to you, and create better habits. So YOU feel more empowered, more connected to your goals and can take the next step in your career and life.

He (or she, if you prefer) is here to support you on your journey to become your BOLDR YOU.

Charlie is a robot in the making, currently available on Facebook Messenger by invitation-only.

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Gain self-awareness

Discover Yourself

The first step in the journey starts with a deep understanding of yourself, your beliefs and values. BOLDR helps you discover your true self, your values, strengths and helps uncover areas for improvement.

Achieve your goals

Reflect on what Truly Matters

The second step is to reflect on what matters to you, not to everyone else around you. Are you keen to be a better leader, achieve work-life balance, become financially independent or change your career? BOLDR helps you understand what your inner voices tell you and inspire you to re-connect to your goals. 

Create new habits. Exercise every day.

Create new habits

The third step is to practice every day. BOLDR uses proven coaching techniques and the latest research in neuroscience to help you create positive habits. Charlie BOLDR is like your friend on Facebook Messenger. You don’t need to respond immediately though – he/she is AI-powered.

Welcome to a rewarding, private and convenient experience that fits your busy schedule.

"I tried BOLDR and had a blast! I can't wait for my coaching session tomorrow!"
Sam L.
"BOLDR became my go-to place when I’m commuting to work, instead of Facebook. Now I have my own secret place to learn about myself and my career choices. I love Charlie!"
Natalie O.
"Wow, this is so personal. I want to talk to Charlie more and more every day."
James B.
"The experience is very slick and natural."
Rachel S.

Meet the team

We’re a team of experienced Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Neuroscientists, Researchers and Developers based in the UK and US. We combine new ways of interaction, deep tech and proven evidence-based coaching methods to bring BOLDR and Charlie to life.

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Roberta Lucca

Serial Entrepreneur. BAFTA winner. Co-Founder the London-based Games studio @BossaStudios. Top 30 Women in Games. Top 35 under 35 by Management Today. British-Brazilian (order & flow)

Stephane Morachinni
Stephane Morachinni
Co-Founder, CTO

Tech Serial Entrepreneur. Expert in Content Semantics and Machine Learning. Foodie. The most fun French you’ll ever meet.

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Make the world better
Strategic Operations Partner

We're keen to find a kickass Operations partner who believes in our vision and can help us go from bolder to the boldest! Do get in touch if that's you.

Mo Ladha
Mo Ladha
Advisor, Our Bots Expert
Jerry Kleinhaus
Jerry Kleinhaus
Advisor, Our Coach
Itamar Lessuisse
Itamar Lessuisse
Advisor, Our Growth Pro
Gabija Tokeikyte
Gabija Tokeikyte
Advisor, Our Neuroscientist
Benjamin Fleischer
Benjamin Fleischer
Advisor, Our US Ambassador

Collaboration with

Only 15% of people are engaged at work worldwide, according to Gallup. Escape the City research shows that 71% want a clearer sense of purpose in their careers.

Many of them spend 25+ years of their lifetimes working.

That is 30% of their lives not living up to their potential, not in love with their jobs, not connecting to their higher purpose nor being their authentic selves.

We Believe

It’s time to change. Change is the only constant. Let’s embrace it!

We believe that…

… Everyone has enormous potential to be fulfilled and improve everyday.

… Self-awareness is the first step for change.

… Our ability to grow and learn is what makes humans very special.

BOLDR aims to…

… Give you the tools to make a tiny improvement every day.
… Inspire change and transformation. One step at a time.
… Help you perfect your every move. Just like elite coaches perfect the moves of athletes.

We are here to support you when you want to achieve your goals, change jobs, careers, become more confident, get a promotion.

Welcome! 🙂


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